With Dociphi, automate claims processing, reduce cycle time and errors, while enhancing customer satisfaction through faster resolution and improved accuracy.


Problems We Solve

Auto Claims

Automate auto insurance claims processing by collecting and analyzing data, generating estimates.

Extracts table of contents of any format with template-free extraction Al

Live email integration

Extraction of scanned/ handwritten forms

Medical Claims

Streamline medical claims processing by automating workflows, reducing errors, and improving data accuracy.

Compares data from any internal integrated systems

Extraction of handwritten forms

Mapping of ICD-9 codes and macro guarantees

Workers Compensation Claims

Experience real-time email ingestion and analyze customer sentiment based on the context collected from the email.

Live email integration

Best-in-class automated classification models

Sentiment analysis using email context

How Does Automating Claims Processing Benefit You?


Reduction in error rates reducing the risk of regulatory fines


Cost savings leading to lower cost/claim


Improvement in claims TAT for low and medium complexity claims


CSAT improvement

Case Studies