Reimagine end to end underwriting with AI-enabled Document Processing


Submission Intake

Intake of Applications, Acceptance of Submissions, Collection of Information

Submission Triage And Prioritization

Sorting of Submissions, Assessment of importance, Ranking of Applications

Data Extraction

Tailored information retrieval for loss run reports, ACORD forms, etc

Data Validation

Verification of Data, Confirmation of Accuracy, Examination of Records with the Human in the loop assistance.

Al-Led Underwriting Decisions

Tailored Al-Underwriting Insights and Dashboards to promote Better Decisions

Problems We Solve

End-to-End Underwriting Automation


Seamlessly integrate with no code/low code, automate submission intake, and offer a seamless underwriting experience.

Live Email Ingestion

Enrichment using internal and external databases

Reduction of underwriting effort by 50%

Digital Submission Intake

Leverage state-of-the-art Al and ML technologies to collect and organize information from submitted loss runs documents.

Out-of-the-box accuracy of 80%

Seamless extraction of table formats

Splitting of large & combined PDF documents based on carriers

Automation for new business

Streamline processing, reduce error rates, and improve turnaround time while enhancing the customer experience for new businesses.

Extract handwritten or scanned WC and CC forms

Out-of-the-box accuracy of 80%

State-of-the-art automated classification models

How Does Automating Underwriting Benefit You?


Time saved for underwriters from administrative tasks


Reduction in underwriting submission intake time improving expense ratio

Better Prioritization and Risk Selection

by Underwriters improving loss ratio


Reduction In Error Rate


Growth in overall satisfaction

Predictive analytics and automated recommendations

Case Studies